Saturday, February 7, 2009


Greetings! Thank you all for the encouragements and messages regarding my struggle a few posts ago. Though the circumstances have not changed and my weariness is still apparent, I feel like I've been given an injection of grace and a bit of joy from the Lord. Those of you who commented and gave of yourselves had a significant role in that injection. Thanks.

As March 1st approaches, Tim and I are relying very heavily on His mercy. The ramifications of being unable to pay tuition this semester are huge, but we know that we serve a God who has performed many miracles for us in the past and seen multiple "Promises" fulfilled. Thus, we will walk by faith and not by sight. *sigh* :) One day at a time.

I received another e-mail this morning sharing the plight of yet another family struggling with very similar difficulties. It seems that so many of us are being hit with challenges in the last several months. Lost jobs, unexpected bills and expenses, sickness, and disappointments....In once sense, it makes me feel grateful that He has protected us and that clearly, God is doing something bigger than what is seen on the outside...and in another sense, I feel a great responsibility to examine my heart, my stewardship, and my focus. Hearing like stories from friends and family remind me that Tim and I are not alone and the best way to deal with these impossible circumstances is to pray.....for eachother. Our situation is no more important or severe than another and we are constantly challenged to lift up prayers for miracles for others while standing in faith for our own.

I am also reminded that God called us here...has sustained us this far....and we have seen His mercy and joy abound in fruitfulness here, so how can I doubt Him now? The other issue is that in our situation, there is just nothing we can do....we can't get another job, we can't sell something, we can't apply for loans, we can't even afford to go home or rely on any bank....we just cannot DO anything....thus, staying faithful with what God has given now and standing in belief is our only task. We'll see what March will bring.

As for schooling, I just finished my microbiology assignment and statistics homework....on to Protocols and midwifery laws....God is giving me such grace for this! And Promise, though not sleeping well at night, has been so good-natured. Please be praying for her, though. She has been having really gross, smelly discharge from her ears and seems to have itchy inner ears. I am taking her to the doctor on Tuesday. I've waited several weeks to see if the infection would clear up on its own and tried some natural remedies, but alas, I think it's time for a doctor's visit. This infection could be the reason for sleepless nights ....Mmmm.

As promised are some pics of the last few weeks...or maybe months!! Sorry for the poor camera is still broken, so we've gone the way of the do-do bird - disposable-Filipino-dollar-store-quality-poo...

December 20th's delivery - Cristie with baby Vince - she's doing fantastic!

Neneng's baby girl, Leah Mae born January 26th with her wonderful bana. I get to see her tomorrow for another baby check! WAHOOO!

My dear Bel....her baby girl was my very first delivery ever...I got to name her new baby girl Precious. :) And here she is buntis again! With baby #5! I am so privileged to be her midwife!And here is Precious...Precious at 16 months! She is sooo beautiful. I cried when I saw her. Bel had brought her along for the prenatal just so she and I could get reunited! What joy!
And here is my dear, dear continuity, Cathy with her three children and her bana. The littlest one is Jonnel Ken born November 24th. I had the pleasure of ushering this little guy into the world...he's wearing a shirt that one of you wonderful people passed my way! The patients are so grateful for the clothes! Thank you thank you!

And here is my continuity, Irish, due in May...she's doing fabulous! And of course, Promise came along for the prenatal visit. :)

This is Cherry Mei and her family (baby is being held by her lola on the other side of the pic). She delivered her healthy boy on January 10. She and her handsome baby, Charles, are doing so well. Praise the Lord!

And this is Reginnlie and her baby boy, Luie James born January 8. So very healthy and so very happy.

Still to come in picture form are Annaluz and baby Leofe (I ran outta film). They are doing great, too. I am so honored to be able to get to know these ladies and humbled by the role I get to play in their lives. God is so faithful.
Be blessed!


Anonymous said...

What you say is the truth! Keep that Truth formost in your mind and on your tongue. God is faithful who has called you, Who also will do it...(my paraphrase) In the midst of all that study for school, don't forget to get in the Word too. He has something for you.
I love you.

Anonymous said...

It's in such testing times that God shows himself to be God and can most be glorified, according to Dallas Willard in "Divine Conspiracy". Our job is to stand firm in the knowledge that He is God and he is faithful and able. So many are being challenged financially right now. I am praying that people will not be controlled by fear but will keep on giving generously as they are able.

Love you and miss you

Aunt Sylv

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany, We are praying for you both. God will not let you down. It is true that lots of people are going through difficult times. That does not seem to make it easier except you know that you are not the only ones.
I believe the enemy is fighting hard because His time is coming to a close. Breakthrough is coming.
Love you lots

Karen said...

You don't know me but I have been following your blog for awhile now. You are doing what God has laid on my heart to do but has given me a different path to take. I pray for you and your family, that you will have the courage, strength, and faith to continue. How do I support you financially?

Anonymous said...

Dearest Bethany, Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while. You are ever on my heart and in my prayers. Hang in there, you are not alone in this, even though it must feel like it. The God of Heaven and Earth HAS prepared you for such a time as this and He will sustain you! No one else, no job or education or fat bank account can do what He can and will do for you. Love you and miss you lots, Nicole