Thursday, March 5, 2009

ENT blessing, but then....

Greetings! As I mentioned a post or two ago, I had to visit the ear, nose, and throat specialist on Tuesday regarding some hearing loss in my good ear and recurring infections. Well, I have some fantastic news! The specialist looked in side my deaf ear first and said, "eww, you have a mass in there. We're gonna have to get that out." He looked at my good ear and said, "There's no hole in the eardrum and no sign of infection. Why were you recommended to come here?"

Astonished, I shared my story of spinal meningitis, tumor in the ear, and deafness, recurring ear infections and the like. He corrected me by saying, "Well, there is no sign of any problems or abnormalities in your deaf ear and I think with long-term therapy, you could hear out of that ear!" WHAT? Last doc I visited regarding this ear was about 10 years ago and he plainly stated that not even a hearing aid would help me hear due to the lack of bones and nerve impulses in my ear! But this doc said with some nerve therapy, though costly and time-consuming, my hearing would come back. Wow. This doc shared that he could see where the tumor (though he says it wasn't a tumor, it was a scar tissue mass) had been removed from the mastoid bone and how it had left a shelf where ear wax and dead tissue collects. He advised me to see an ENT once a year or so to "clean out the pantry".

He did a little minor surgery and got the cerumen mass out (a jagged ball of scar tissue and wax build up that had caused an infection at one point) and even had this cool machine that allowed me to watch his every move on a TV screen. I felt like I was on the discovery channel witnessing ear surgery! I left feeling so encouraged and thankful. I smiled all the way home and was thanking Jesus for totally healing BOTH ears. I don't think I'll go in for the nerve therapy, though. I've got better things to do with my money and time, but it was encouraging to hear! Pardon the pun.

Meanwhile, Promise has been coughing quite a bit and then yesterday, I realized that her snot was turning green and her coughing was getting so severe she'd throw up all her food. After talking with one of my peers' dad who is a family physician, I thought it was time for another doctor's visit....especially since she gave the cold to me and the insane discomfort I felt was overwhelming...I can't imagine how awful she has been feeling!

I brought her to the pediatrician she saw before with the ear infection just a week ago and he was quite surprised to see me....and alarmed at the snotty, coughing baby I was holding. Now, I am convinced she got it from a little boy in his office last week while we were waiting for her post-antibiotic check-up. He listened to her lungs and did a series of respiratory tests....I knew what he was looking for...pneumonia.

The infection had sunk low into her lower respiratory tract and he prescribed a bunch of medications to treat her for pneumonia. Antobiotics, anti-mucous, fever-reducers....I feel like I am just eliminating all hope of avoiding pharmaceutical drugs for the baby. And just two weeks after finishing her first course of antibiotics, here we are again. Unfortunately, I am fighting it, too, though mine is far less severe. I am supposed to head to prenatals tomorrow and see Ruby with baby Bethany and baby Fatima, but I just don't want to risk passing on this junk to my patients....Thankfully, my friend, Julie, is covering my shift.

So for now, homework is a lost cause, clinic duty has to wait, and I am learning how my parents must've felt when their daughter was taken to the hospital with spinal meningitis. Helplessness, concern, heartache and discouragement must have been among their top four emotions. This week has included a lot of tears ...I hate seeing the baby bird sick. I keep reminding God that she is a miracle and His gift to us, so He has to take care of her....she is a very perfect gift and every perfect gift comes from above and therefore, He must heal her. Okay, so the logic is a little flawed....

Despite her feeling like poo, she seems relatively happy....smiling and giggling with us and has even started sitting up all by herself. She's talking a lot more now, too. I love watching her grow.
We would so appreciate your continued prayers. No doubt things could be sooo much worse!

Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

I need some time to process all you've shared. I am in tears...not sure why? Last night at Bible study the focus was on God's "goodness". He does good! I love Him today for the good He has done once again for you...and for me, through you. We are Praying Promise will continue to get better. I know she will.
Love you so much,

Anonymous said...

I just keep reading this over and over and crying. I love you so much!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bethany, I too am crying and praying as I read your post. It is awful to see your kids sick and the helplessness is terrible. The Lord has his hand on you and will come through for you. May His peace surround you.

Love Nicole