Saturday, March 7, 2009


Greetings again....ya know, this lack of energy to do homework has made more time for blogging...not to mention that I actually feel as though there are things to blog about!

Ya know, one of the hardest things about living overseas is the (fairly) consistent feeling of your support system is miles away, over seas and across the world...sometimes that's true, but today it's not.

I was so totally blessed today, I just had to share.....after having a cry fest this morning as Promise puked up her meds and breakfast once again because of coughing so hard, I felt pretty lost. I had enough. Tim was more worried about me and my attitude than he was about Promise......kinda felt like I was losing my mind between my own pathetic coughs.

But then I got a skype message from my friend and fellow student, Serena....she wanted to know if I needed anything. I didn't feel like I needed anything, but she insisted I come by and pick up a meal she and the girls of the orange house (the girls' dorms) were making for me....Tim and I headed over to their house after getting some coffee to get through the day....

They made me the most wonderful dish of homemade mac 'n was incredibly tasty and on top of that, they laid hands on me to pray for Promise, Tim, me, and our household that God would breakthrough and give me endurance and healing for the Bird. I was blessed. So was Tim. I felt loved.

Then Tim and I came home and cooked our tasty mac 'n cheese, fed the bird (who DID NOT THROW UP!) and then I got a text message..."you at home?" was all it said....didn't know who it was from because my phone doesn't show ID all the time. So I said, "yah." and sent Tim down to the door 'cuz the Bird was chowing down. He came back upstairs shortly with a HUGE bouquet of roses, chrysanthemums, and marigolds. He said that Sarah H brought them for me but couldn't come inside as she was just on her way home....awww. I was flabbergasted...they were the prettiest flowers I've seen in the Philippines...seriously, a good bouquet here is not only expensive, but extremely rare! I was so undeservedly blessed. And for those of you who know me, flowers are such a joy to me...having had a garden in Canada and seeing God move and speak to me through it, coming to the Phils to have a yard-less, flowerless, soil-less existence has been hard at times, but Sarah knew just what God wanted to give me.

Needless to say. Today, I feel loved.

And Promise's phlegm seems to be coming out more with not as much crackling in her fever today either. Thank you, Jesus! I think she may be on the mend. She may not like the saline drops in her nose and the frequent bulb suctioning, but it does seem to be helping her breathe. As for me, the cough has subsided a bit and the stiff neck, fever, joint aches and phlegm have diminished some, so I know we're making progress.

And so, I leave you with a Tim-pic of my awesome loved-ness. Thanks Sarah H and blessed.
Be blessed, too.


Anonymous said...

Now you're making this mum cry! I haven't been able to check in on you this very busy week. Reading these three posts in a row makes me so sad that you are so far away. I'm so thankful for God's faithfulness to heal and to bless. I'm sorry it has been such a stretching time. I got surprise flowers this week also, and it's amazing how they can bless.
We're in Ontario this week. Even though God has us move away almost 14 years ago, we still have many friends. I think that it will be like that for you two with some of the relationships you are building there.
I hope we can chat soon.
Love you, Mum

Serena said...

You guys are loved everyday... i just dont always get to show it. Im so happy that it was such a blessing to you :)
love you

Rosemary said...

Sorry to hear about Promise being so sick, and you not feeling great yourself. It is neat how God sends someone to show His love when we most need it. Know for sure, that although we are so far apart, you are really loved by Stan and I.
I will email you with more personal stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jesus, for Your faithfulness to send special care and love to Bethany. Thank you, Sarah and Serena, for answering the call.
Bethany's Mom

Anonymous said...

Bethany you soooo do deserve those flowers. You give and give and give and pretty soon it'll be payback time! I'm so glad you got the flowers. You deserve them and much more. I'm glad you and Promise and starting to feel better...we won't stop praying! Open up your arms and receive this BIG hug i'm sending you.
Love Nicole