Friday, October 19, 2012

38 weeks and counting

Greetings! No baby, yet.

However, I thought baby was coming Friday! Lots of contractions and flu-like symptoms for 4 days prior....then I headed over the border to see a friend and we tried a midwifery concoction we'd always wanted to try to induce stronger labor....and....well, between the puking and explosive diarrhea, whatever flu-bug I had came out....with a vengeance.

I called Tim to come home early "just in case", called the midwife and set up a time to arrive in hospital....then I asked my midwife if I could just take a brief nap....

Waking from my nap there was puking, no diarrhea and no contractions....false alarm....but at least I got a nap and an early arrival of Tim on a Friday! baby.

Kids are getting a bit anxious, but our prenatal last night served to be a positive reminder that "it's all in God's hands". So, we wait.....With great expectation for wonderful outcomes and a healthy baby girl (or boy if we get surprised!). With the in-laws gone and the kids needing extra support (as I can't really bend over very well!!) my mom is coming up from Oregon on Sunday to hang and be a blessing....and BOY! She WILL be! We are so looking forward to her company.

We're also praying baby comes while she is here as she has not been a part of Toby or Promise's births.
So exciting.
Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

Lord, This is Bethany's mom. Please cause that baby to come soon so I can hold her before I need to go home again...In Jesus Name
AMEN! :) (I think I heard Him say, "OK".)

Anonymous said...

Yes, that would be nice, Lord.
Aunt Sylv