Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween....40 weeks.

Greetings. Because I am not in labor and I am pretty sure this little one is going to hold out a bit longer, I will say "Happy Halloween" and to our unborn lady, "Happy Eviction Day".  Wednesday is her due date. Mom had to leave yesterday without getting to say hello or good bye to baby #3. Sigh. Her time here was precious and such an amazing help...I cannot begin to write how blessed I was to have her here....and now I am lonely for her.

Though all the feelings of disappointment, exhaustion, and hormonal overload are making life a bit more challenging this week, I know God has appointed this baby's birthday long before the creation of the world and I trust that He knows best.

But I still cried a lot today. Missing my mom....wanting to hold the baby.....wanting the kids, Tim and my mom to hold the baby, wanting Tim to get a day or two off work and wanting to be empty in the abdomen.

And so I tried to make today like any other "no mother" day....I took the kids to the bread store, the  chiropractor and then the Library. Promise, not knowing how to read, picked a book with a bunch of bunnies on it called "When the World Waited for You" was all about a bunny family waiting for their baby sister to be born. How appropriate. A little encouragement from Jesus, perhaps. The book was too short, though....instead of 10 months, it was just 12 pages....and the baby came already cooing. Sigh. :)

I have discovered that crying during a sinus infection can be quite healing.
Toby and I have cried a lot today.
I miss my mom. I am lonely....and we're all waiting...patiently.
Be blessed.


Rebecca Lynn said...

It is okay to cry. It is okay to ACHE to get this baby out. I love you a lot, and really wish I was in Abbotsford with you right now. RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

Tears are good for more than sinus infections:)
LOLAP, Aunt Sylv

Heather said...

Thinking of you guys, TONS! Crying is really OK. Can't wait to see you and meet that precious girl who will be here SOON!! :)