Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Getting around!

Greetings! We have more pictures! Yesterday, we visited the Agdao market to pick up our tax forms that have to be submitted before we can apply for our missionary visa. Because the market was beginning to close for the day, the smell of not-so-fresh meat hit us like a ton of bricks. One of the pictures below is of the market from above.....they really cram the little huts together! Tim could barely fit through the market!

We waited to get our forms and did some people watching......more pics. When they close their little market space, they often take a little "siesta" seen here. They even pack 6-10 people on their tables to sleep! Cool.

After returning home, we decided to start our immigration papers....whew. Heavy stuff...

Then Tim decided we needed to go see a movie....not at the bad theater where guys sit next to your wife and do icky's true! Public theaters are sketchy things here.... no, to the theater in Gaisano Mall. We got there to see "Zodiac" and misunderstood the clerk at the counter and bought tickets to the movie which already started....oops. Tim didn't want to see a movie that had already started so we tried to get into another movie....."no-can-do" said the guard in front of the theater....we needed to pay again for ANOTHER movie. Ummm, yeah, not gonna do that. Anyways, so Tim began to feel the diarrhea urge again and I had just come from the mall bathroom where there is no toilet paper or toilet seats....not a good place to let the diarrhea go. So we decided to go home.

Upon walking out of the mall, we were going to get a ride with one of the motor carts (a motorbike with a cart attached for about 20 pesos), but they wanted to charge over 30 pesos because we looked like desperate and dumb white folk. So we decided to begin walking towards home (a twenty-minute walk) and then a young teen (maybe 16?) rode up on his bike with a cart attached and asked if he could take us for 20 pesos. Tim was pretty desperate at this point, so we said sure.....that's when the adventure began....

You see, it's a pretty straight shot from the mall to our house, but I don't think this kid knew where Dakudao and Vinzon St. were because we took a number of turns while the cart threatened to tip over.....the guy continued to peddle at records speeds never stopping at any intersection to look or watch for cars.....

"AHHHHH, TAXI!" was my exclamation...."Whoa, buddy"was Tim's. Then we nearly got beaned by a huge truck....another motor bike...another taxi....all honking away to get us OUT OF THE WAY! Yeah, no, this guy just kept peddling as though he was the only one on the road....I was praying in tongues the whole way. God heard because I am here writing this today!

We made it home and to the toilet. Tim is feeling better now. Bless God.

Today, Thursday, we are hoping to pick up our cargo shipment! It is set to arrive here at noon....what a blessing it will be if it truly arrives! We'll keep you posted!

Then tomorrow, I start my first shift in the clinic observing prenatal exams! YEAH! I begin at 7:45 am. On Monday, I start my first birth room shift at 10 pm! Very exciting! I am quite nervous as there is so much to learn.....I'll keep you posted.

Thank you all for your prayers and comments....we are so grateful for your continued support and encouragement! Please continue to pray for our health (Thanks, Aunt Syl!) and that our shipping gets here. Please also pray for my first shift tomorrow....that I would grasp all the info, be a blessing to the patients, and a support to the staff. Thank you!

Be blessed!

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antsylv said...

Thanks for your faithful communica- tions. It really helps us not to miss you so much, yet it also makes us miss you even more, if you know what I mean.
Along with your common sense, your book knowledge will be sufficient to get you through your initiation. And the Lord will help you as you rely on him to make you a blessing to the one in front of you.
Remember, you are appointed and anointed for this work of love.
Love and prayers,
Aunt Sylv