Monday, July 9, 2007

We made it! Praise God!

Greetings! We just wanted to thank you all for your prayers as we made it to Davao City at noon today, June 9, 2007!

Our flight from Vancouver was delayed, but after in and out sleep, we made it safely to Manila where we waited 5 hours for our flight to Davao....hence Tim reading to pass the time away and the pic of the new and improved Manila airport wing we waited in.
It was pretty quiet at the airport and we were definitely the minority in a sea of Filipinos.....we got quite a few stares....and then smiles. I even got to entertain one of the bathroom cleaners with my hair washing in the bathroom sink!

We were met by friends and the directors of New Life International, Matt and Krys McNeil. We headed to their house to drop off our stuff (we'll be staying with them for a while as we have some settling to do before moving into our apartment). Then we hit the town.....the bank to open up an account, the mall to find out where to get food, and finished it off with a taxi ride back to the directors' house.

We only have a few pics, but I will write and post more later! Thank you for all your prayers and please continue to pray for God's blessings as we settle in....especially for our stuff to get shipped here without a hitch.

Thank you for praying for our car to be sold, too! It sold Friday morning and just in time for us to pay off our loan and get moving! God is so good!
Be blessed....more to come when I wake up!


Campbell said...

We are sorry we missed you before you left. We have been preparing for vacation, going on vacation and we had puppies a couple of weeks ago, how time consuming. Be blessed in your new life. I am confident God will continue to meet you in new ways, as I am sure he did when this was a thought he passed by you. And look where you are now!

We love you both

Bruce and Keri Campbell

midwife_dreamer said...

Hello Bethany!

It's me Shayla. I'm really excited for you; You and your husband are finally IN the Philippines! I have been praying for you everyday that your car would sell and I even prayed that they would give you more money than your asking price :-) Out of curiosity did you get what you were asking for your car? I'm looking forward to reading about your new adventures of life in Davao!

Griffin said...

God is so faithful to sell your car just in time.

Love you guys,