Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Getting to know our new home....

Greetings! Today Tim and I got to clean and sort our new home! After assessing it yesterday, we definitely needed help cleaning it. We arrived at our fortress-like home at 8:30 am and we greeted by a big dog poo pile and a man peeing on our wall. This was going to be an interesting day!

We were told to get three ladies to help us clean the apartment and here they are! The three of them came around 10 am and didn't leave until 6 pm! They were such a blessing and had a great sense of had to working in our house! :)
And three guys came to hook up our water pressure tank, too! They all worked extremely hard and so did we!

It is customary that you never wear shoes inside the house even though everything is tile and concrete, so at the end of the day, our feet were SOOOO dirty and sore. But the place is significantly cleaner than yesterday! Praise God! We may get to have our first night there by Friday! YEAH!

One of our helpers, Mimi, even killed two honkin' cockroaches for me! When the house is fully fixed up, I'll post some better pictures!

After trying to wash as much of the linens as possible and then hanging them on the porch line to dry, it began to rain....and then it poured. It was beautiful, though and forced Tim and I to take a break and get some water. The ladies were so great and were thankful to be done at the end of the day....we were, too. Then we got REALLY hungry...fortunately another family here, the Germains, invited us to dinner with them and their seven kids! What a blessing! Jenn even gave me a back rub! Her son, Josiah, gave me a foot rub AND we had a delicious meal without MSG! I was thoroughly blessed. God has been so good to us this week despite all the changes.

Tomorrow we start round two with the house. It's time to tackle the insects and move the furniture. Then we need to fix a bunch of things. And in the evening we get to go to Mercy Maternity's graduation ceremony for the ladies who have been there for two years! Fun!

As for things to pray for, please continue to pray that we'll get our cargo shipment here.....we really need that stuff. And also pray that we will be a true reflection of Christ to our new neighbors and friends. We are really wanting to bless our new country. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers! Be blessed!

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MELANIE said...

Hello there Bethany even from over there you are a huge blessing. Right now God has Michael and I completely at his mercy financailly in order to create deep trust but I keep giving it and taking it back so hopefully i will learn deep deep that GOd wants to prosper and not harm. I read your blog about you naturopath and was truly blessed even now tears of joy and appreciation for all that GOd has done in his mercy and grace. I pray that God would strengthen us both that he would unleash untold mercy and blessing on our households that abundance would come and fill our storehouses but most of all that the peace that surpasses understanding would fill our hearts so that we may know him more. LOTSA LOVE MELANIE ATKINSON