Friday, July 13, 2007

"These are a few of my favorite things...."

Greetings! I apologize for not posting more photos of our city....the truth is, we have been so busy running one errand and another that we have hardly been able to pull out a camera! I wish I had today, though!

We set out early this morning to fully move into our place! We first went to the hardware store (that was an awesome experience....there are men and women EVERYWHERE wanting to help you find whatever you are looking for AND they hold your basket while you shop, too! Eat your heart out Home Depot!)

Then we went and bought pillows! That, too, was a very pleasant experience!

And then we had our first day of orientation. Matt, our director, shared how Newlife came to be and what their vision for their marriage, the city and the school was......then he explained the immigration policies and heavy duty paperwork. It seemed only slightly overwhelming...but encouraging, too.

Then we took a little bikecart home....a little old man was peddling this gigantic cart for two....we couldn't resist....for P 15, he peddled two overweight Canadians to their home with all his might....all of his co-carters giggled at these two whities piling into his cart....they even gave him one good SHOVE to get him started. What an adventure. He was a good sport.

Then I got to work! I hung curtains....Tim fell asleep.....I washed the furniture....Tim fell asleep, I set up the living room....yeah, Tim was still sleeping....He hasn't been feeling please pray for him. Thanks.

And so the last thing I did tonight was kill big bugs....lots of two favorite things? Baygon and Chalk. Kills ants AND roaches! Sweet!

And the feet? That's what they look like after working in our house on the tile floor. You see the diesel fumes blow through the window and settle as soot on our floor and linens. At the end of the day, I wipe my face and the same comes off of my face! Eeew! Maybe I'll be brown after two years here! Tee hee!

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragements....we sooooo need them! Thank you, thank you! We'll have the house ready for visitors in no time! Stay tuned and please pray for Tim's health as he has a bit of a bug.....Be blessed.

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Heidi said...

so much for your pedicure!....