Thursday, July 12, 2007

Working hard.....almost there....

Greetings! Yesterday proved to be an eventful day!

Tim got to go to coffee with Matt and Krys' pastor who was visiting from Oregon along with the other husbands of the students.....and I was dropped off at our new home......

I worked like MAD! Scrubbing the furniture, killing more ants, hooking up appliances and doing 5 loads of laundry with our new washing machine! What's nice is that the washing machine goes outside (on our porch...pictured) so when it leaks (which it SO does) it leaks outside right into the drainage system! This is good!

However, we don't have a dryer, so I spent a good portion of the day hanging sheets, towels, and clothing on our clothes the end of the day, my arms were so tired. But I'm pressing through.

When Tim arrived, carrying a borrowed vacuum, I was so relieved. The cushions and foam mattresses are caked with dust, so having a vacuum was such a blessing. He got started there and then we set up our huge bamboo bed! That was an adventure! It took forever and by the end we desperately needed a shower. We were able to shower in our home for the first time and it looks like today we will MOVE IN! YEAH! There is no hot water and we still have to fix a bunch of screens so we don't get eaten alive by mosquitoes, but the majority of the place is finished enough to sleep in. Praise God!

Then last night we attended Newlife's graduation ceremony (pictures posted) and met the students....what beautiful ladies! Some are going directly on to the mission field to serve while others are heading home to raise support to go on the field. It was exciting to hear more about the clinic and the program....I definitely have my work cut out for me. And Tim was able to get to know the other families that are hear and it sounds like the husbands are going to be ministering together not only to the Philippinos, but also to the other students. He is getting blessed often these days.

Today, after we do one more push in our home to make it clean (we have to go to the hardware store and get bug traps, baking soda, vinegar, toilet seats, hammer and nails, screw drivers, etc.) then we have our first day of orientation at the clinic! Whohooo! The next few days are gonna be busy, but we're excited to jump right in.

Please continue to pray for God's gracious provision of our stuff that is supposed to arrive here from Vancouver, but we still haven't heard from our contact guy. And please pray that the Lord would give us strength to get all the things done that we need....please also pray that Tim sleeps better...he's been having a bit of tummy trouble and isn't sleeping through the night.

Thank you so very much for your prayers and for keeping us posted on what's up with you! Be blessed this weekend!

Oh....for those of you who do not know...we're roughly 15 hours ahead of it's 6:30 am on Friday morning!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim and Bethany,
Glad to hear that God is providing. Remember, in the moments of greatest frustration to thank God for your next breath...and the next... and the next....We love you.


Anonymous said...

Look at those shiny floors! Look at all that wonderful space! Those will be your grad photos in just two short years. I hope the whole experience will be above and beyond all you could ask or imagine. Love Mum

Heidi said...

Why am i not surprised to see such a transformation of your house in two short days? BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE FREAKIN AMAZING! It sounds like you have just walked into all that the Lord has prepared for you - lots of work, but lots of grace and fun. Missing you like crazy and can't wait to see you in real life. PS Bethany - the code word for catching babies is whoop whoop whoop (comes from trying to not drop the slippery suckers) so happy whoop whoop whoop to you on your first day of clinic.

Laura said...

Hi Bethany!

I am Laura and I will be at Mercy in less than two weeks as an intern. My prayers are with you and your family in this time of newness and change. God is good!