Sunday, September 23, 2007

Break from Homework for new family time!

Remember this little one? Baby Glenn! I got to chart at his birth and hang out with my dear friend, Rezel.....Last night, Tim and I had the privilege of inviting some friends from our church over for a feast! I REALLY needed a break from my GIANT homework assignment....I have been in the birth room 4 times this week, too! So, I REALLY needed some time for play.

My friends, Nene (pictured just below) and Rea came over at 2 pm to start cooking for our feast....we cooked pancit (noodles with veggies and beef), sweet potato coconut something or other, squash soup, lumpia shanghai ( like spring rolls with meat) with sweet garlic dip, fried milkfish, coconut pudding, fruit salad, and brown rice! To drink...Calamansi juice!In addition to Nene and Rea, we had Mama Jo (Nene's mom) Nene's brother and his wife, Ruth as well as their two kids, Yanny and Alex. We also had Rezel (remember her?...she had baby Glenn!) and her hubby, Pastor Nelmar, their sons, too and Ludina (remember her? She's pregnant, too!) and her hubby Kalvin and their beautiful daughter, Keena. We had an amazing time learning Cebuano, singing, laughing....just hanging out!
Yes, we did Rea's hair....Rea is a fantastic cook and a great friend. She sings almost every Sunday at our church, too.
Mama Jo and the kids LOVED attacking my birth ball chair....they were a lot of fun!

Last Sunday, Pastor Manny had referred to us as 'visitors' and I told him that we were NOT visitors, but we were FAMILY now....and so we needed some family time. We have been so blessed by our church family here.

Only one more question to do on my homework (of course, one question takes about 2-3 days!) and then Tim and I plan on enjoying each other a bit. :)

Please continue to pray for us as we are still feeling a bit overwhelmed and have just started feeling somewhat homesick. As the fall begins in Vancouver, we are missing the changing of seasons....walks on the Steveston pier with our dear friends, Uncle Bob and Syl...missing our weekly walks on the Stanley Park sea wall.....the leaves turning color...pumpkin patches, cranberry sauce....Tim misses Sleeman's Honey Brown....and of course: Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice SOY latte, beautiful bridges, highways, and I miss my garden. But ya know, we still feel at home here, too...and we know we are right where we are supposed to be....

Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

We've been telling everyone how much at home you are and how you are hosting your new Philippina friends. We miss you lots too. It is strange to be approaching Thanksgiving without the joy of planning it with you and looking forward to your amazing creativity and hospitality.Well done on the homework; keep up the great work! We love you, Mum

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're missing all the Fall things here, but we don't get to start celebrating Christmas in September like you do!
You are wise to take a play break once in a while - and time for the really important things in life (like Tim) instead of being controlled by pressing circumstances. In other words, come up for air once in a while. It's beautiful and exciting underwater, but we can't survive for long down there, right, Tim?
Love you,
Aunt Sylv

Rosemary said...

These babies are beautiful. So are the Mums. Can't wait to show you our baby in November.

steph from curves said...

hey how are you. I am at curves and your mother is here. we have been yacking back and forth and I asked how you were. I asked if you had got my message and she said she hadn't heard. anyway it was about a month ago and I visited your blog and it was great. your update is even better. I had best get back out on the circuit. Keep up the good work. Take care.