Sunday, September 2, 2007

Good news!

Good morning! Maayong Buntag! This morning, Tim and I got to got to Faith Baptist, our church here, with Steve and Christina. It was a good morning, but the highlight for me this morning was being able to see my beautiful buntis friends, Rezel (due this week at Mercy) and Ludina (due in October). Please pray for them both as they are excited and nervous for their up and coming labors! The two of them have been such a joy to spend time with. They are both very different individuals.....

Rezel heads up the kitchen staff at a seminary here at Faith Baptist, and is very shy...she has a beautiful smile that she always covers up with her hanky...she is a beauty....gentle and gracious....silly and sweet. What a joy to know her! I get to be at her birth, too!

Ludina is a firecracker! A stubborn, quick-wit lady who goes to a church way out in the mountains and has to stay at the seminary here because she has a low-lying placenta. She works as a secretary here at the seminary and rides on the back of motorbikes all the way down the mountain! So now she must stay in town to rest. She is a fantastic lady and I can't wait to see her hold her new baby in October. Please pray for strength and health for her.

And then this afternoon, I got to go visit dear Janeth at the hospital. Like I posted last night, Janeth was our patient from yesterday who had to be transported for a c-section.

This afternoon, I got to visit her and her new healthy baby girl named Blessy. She is rosy and chubby....a big baby indeed! Here is Blessy with her momma and Grandma at the hospital. All went well for these two and though Janeth is in pain from the surgery, she might be discharged in 3 days. Pray they go fast for her.....DMC is not a fun place to be for very long.

Praise the Lord for a healthy delivery and for His gracious protection! God is so good. I am so grateful for His tender mercies. Blessy is a blessing and Janeth had a gorgeous smile on her face when I doubt she is going to be a great mommy.

Have a great week! Be blessed!

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Laura said...

I am so sorry Janeth didn't get to birth at Mercy. Praise God though for a healthy baby and healthy mommy! How big was Blessy after all?