Thursday, September 6, 2007

Enjoying a new family......

Greetings! Sorry it has taken a while to post something new.....things are bubbling over here. It's a good thing, but definitely a different season up ahead! I start school this Friday as all the new students arrive! I am a bit nervous and mildly excited....struggling to get more excited just because I have so enjoyed getting to know all the Filipinas and the older students and I know that once school starts, relationship building will be far different and difficult to make time for.

But we did have one last "hurrah" at our house on the last night of Steve and Christina's stay here.

Jenn Germain and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Filipinas outside of the clinic as the stress of the birth room is no where to be found! We have a great time learning their culture better, hearing their stories, and laughing hysterically as they play little jokes on each other in love. It's great.

So last Sunday night, we invited as many Filipinas from the clinic as possible. We had no idea who would come, but we wanted to try our hand at cooking them an authentic Filipino meal and have them truthfully tell us how we did...well....

We cooked yummy vegetable beef curry pancit (a thick noodle that is FANTASTIC) with fresh market veggies found here along with Chicken Adobo, rice, coconut pudding and fresh fruit. We waited for them and at 6 pm we had 16 people at our house! We were pleasantly surprised!

They let us know what they thought by sitting VERY close to the kitchen table where the food was spread out and eating seconds, thirds and fourths! We were blessed! We passed the test.

Then we all sat in a circle giggling and laughing and then I handed Ate Elsa Tim's guitar.....she hesitated, but only for a moment....and then she began leading us in some silly songs....

Christmas comes early here...September 1st marks the beginning of the season! So Ate Elsa and Ate Susan led us in some traditional Filipino Christmas Carols like "We wish you an Americano"! We laughed so hard!

Then they taught us some beautiful Christmas songs that can only be found here....beautiful.
Then Ate Elsa passed the guitar to Rose (another Filipina midwife) and we worship both in Cebuano and English....then Tim played followed by Josephine (another Filipina midwife). It was awesome. I felt so privileged to have the Filipinas worshiping in my home. I felt as though while they were singing, the Lord was plastering His presence on my walls. I was so grateful.

Then we prayed a blessing and gave big hugs. What a joy! I love these Filipinas! Jenn and I had a really great time and we know that this will not be the last time we enjoy the presence of God with our new family.

Much to Tim's chagrin, it is almost time to set up the Christmas tree! Sweet lovins I LOVE this country!

I will keep you posted on the goings on....
Here are pics from our wonderful evening with the Filipinas and our newest addition, Jill, the bunny (married to Jack, the Germain's bunny).
Be blessed and please continue to pray for us...we are feeling somewhat overwhelmed, a bit tired, and needing a fresh touch from the Lord....


heather said...

Hi friends!

Christmas time already? Wow!I laughed SO hard at the "We wish you an Americano" comment. I think that should be the new Starbucks Christmas-time song, eh B? ;)

The bunny is VERY cute. I love that you got a bunny! I have a bunny, too - did I tell you that? But my bunny is a boy and black and white and named Theodore (Teddy for short).

Love you SOOOOO much. Many prayers as you start school, B! :)


Anonymous said...

A nice send-off for C & S! I really admire the way you guys have made a point of entering the Filipino family.
Bethany, don't worry about school. You have always managed to cope and get the job done in your own way with the help of the Lord. It's okay to be different - okay to be a Barbarian!
Aunt Sylv & unklrbrt

missionarymidwife said...

Hi Bethany,
I do kind of miss life there, but not really as much as I thought I would! I sometimes missed catching a baby a week after I just had, but so far being with family and friends has taken all my energy :)

Anyways, welcome those new students well!