Friday, September 14, 2007


This is the 'balut' boy....selling balut (half-formed chicken still in the egg...feathers and bones, as well!)

For orientation this week, the Filipinas took us on a field trip out into the Bukid....outdoors, far, far away....we had a LONG DAY and it was A GAS! Here are some pics from our journey.
Me eating the balut. Gotta try it once, right?
Midwives with the golden David by the midwives, we find this statue hilarious...even the Filipinas giggle!
Cutting open the famous "fruit of the gods" - - DURIEN! Smells like #%@&, tastes like heaven....or so I am told....I can't say I agree!
Mercy Staff and Students getting acquainted. 'Nuff said.
Our dear friend picking fresh buko (young coconut!) for us to cut open and drink.....Mmmmm!
The jeepney the Filipinas rented for all us newbie students to travel in for the day of Filipino fun!
Our Filipina tour guides: Josephine, Ate Susan, Ate Melody and Ate Estef.
Ahhh, there is my buko! MMMmmmmm! I LOVE BUKO JUICE!

Then we played games! A heavy competition, but fun for all! (Blue team won.) :(
Blue team....Ate Susan, Jenna, Elisabeth, Jordan, Jenn, Carmen, and Stephanie....
Yellow team: Holly, Janelle, Naomi, Tiffany (not pictured is Ate Mae, Ate Estef, Charity, and Jane)
Green team: Sarah, Rose, Ate Ermie, Michelle, Ate Ana, Jenny, and Laura, Jessica
Pink team! Lois, Heather, Bethany, Jonna, Serena, Ate Elai, Josephine! (Genevieve on end taking Medea's place!)

Pray for me this week as I am swamped with homework...but I am excited that my buddy, Heidi is here to visit!

Tim is are bunnies! Just stressed and swamped! Keep those comments coming! We love 'em! Be blessed!


Esul... morning dew said...

Bethany, darling!
Your stories here are AMAZING!
What an adventure you and Tim are on.... I've been reading through your ENTIRE blog over the last couple weeks at work and I often find myself thinking, "I can't beleive how difficult it must have been for the two of you to leave everything you know and hold familiar, to travel to some unknown country and culture, and simply just let go of your "past" life."
I truly admire both of you!
Davao sounds like such a great place; and your program sounds really fascinating.
Anyway, I just wanted to say "hi" and let you know that you are great and you WILL succeed with your homework and coping with the stress of starting something new. I admire you so much!
Have a great day... hopefully your weekend will be somewhat relaxing for you!
Hugs! - Rach

Shawna said...

just read some of your recent entries....hilarious of course - my favorite was the "sweet lovins" about Christmas in Sept. Awesome pix too Tim! I've always been one for the visual. The people are so beautiful. But I have to say the garbage in that one area was unbelievable! I've seen some pretty nasty stuff, but that tops it. Sounds like you guys have hit the ground running. God is good, I think he really likes you guys. :) Shawna

Shawna said...

OK, so I'm getting caught up on your life in one fell swoop, just read your email letter...and I have to comment on the ants in the computer....that is too funny! those lil buggers

Heather said...

Wow - you tried the Balut. I'm really impressed! I remember hearing about that "interesting" food when my dad went to the Philippines. It sounded less than good. What did it taste like?

Glad you're having fun. Keep trucking, B. You'll get back in the swing of school in no time.

much love.

Nicole said...

Bethany, i'm sure you will excel in your studies! You are a very smart cookie and with God with you, how can you possibly fail? We are praying for you as are many others and we're so excited for you both.
I can't believe you tried Balut!! Cyndi told me about it when she went to the Phil's and it sounds downright gross! Well you are more daring than I, that's for sure (and i admire you for it!)
Great pics Tim, what a place to develope your photo skills.
Love ya, Nicole

jmk said...

mmm! balut's good! and,
jUSt wanted to thANK you once again for your hostessing spirits. It was a pure jOY to get outta the oc and into your homely little, FABulously decorated apartment.
see you sooooon!

Esul... morning dew said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog... I've kind of given up on keeping it up to date it seems :(
A lot has happened since my last post... Sean and I ended up postponing our wedding (I will send you an email sometime about it), but it has been ok and we are trying as hard as possible to sort through the "crinkles."
Can't wait for your next update! I hope your classes are going well... I'm assuming you have been VERY busy... make sure to get lots of rest if possible.