Monday, September 3, 2007

God is so good!

Greetings! As I shared last post, my dear friend, Rezel, from our church was having some labor pains and this morning, I got a text saying that she was on her way to Mercy!
So Jenn and I ran to Mercy to meet Heather, Rezel's scheduled midwife. Rezel was in great spirits and we had a wonderful prayer time for them before scurrying off to prepare for her son's birth. After a LOOONG labor and much pain, baby Glen Robert Sumatra was born at 3:03 pm on September 3!
Named after pastor Glen Knight (note from previous posts), this little guy was HUGE and healthy! Praise the Lord! Rezel did an amazing job and kept a smile on her face almost the entire time. What a joy to be with her and her husband, Nelmar. They were such a blessing to us.
Here is baby Glen with his daddy, Nelmar....very proud father indeed! My second continuity, my 11th birth seen here at Mercy, and a VERY special family to me.
So praise the Lord for His faithfulness and gracious provision of a safe and healthy delivery and please pray that Rezel heals quickly without any complications. Thank you!
In other news, Tim's parents left today and this evening, Tim bought a bunny to celebrate our anniversary....a LIVE bunny! They're less than $2 and our new lady, Jill, is great company when having to do homework alone! I will post pics later....we needed something live other than cockroaches and geckos in our house....the bunny was just a natural progression. :) She's cute! AND we may put her together with Jack, our friends' bunny to make some Jack and Jill babies! Fun for their 7 kids!
Have a wonderful week and next post I will have Tim write....he's good at it!
Be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Tim is good at it, but so are you! And you have a lot of good stuff to say - very thought-provoking at times, and very amusing and entertaining at others. I can't wait for your first book to be out.
Aunt Sylv

Laura said...

Beautiful pics! Makes me want to be there.

Can't wait to see pics of Miss Jill!

Nicole said...

Wow! 11 births already? Quite an accomplishment i'd say! You look so confident, keep up this amazing work.
Blessings, Nicole