Thursday, October 4, 2007

A busy, GOOD day....and an update on Tim!

This is Ida and baby Dinah.....Laura Hopper, a wonderful and beautiful midwife from Utah was interning a couple weeks ago and delivered this gorgeous, healthy baby girl. However, because Laura went home, I got to do Dinah's baby check-up! Ida even gave me a gift of a GIANT bag of Lanzones (a very wonderful tree fruit grown here in the Philippines!). We decided to share them with all the ladies that came in as well as the people down the street and the students....we had a very, very good day... eating lanzones and talking about the Lord. Krys (our director) was my supervisor today and when all was said and done, I had a great conversation about the amazing change Jesus has made in our lives with my friend and peer, Serena, ate curry for lunch (MMMMMmmmmmm), did three baby check-ups and assisted in the delivery of.........

A BABY! Yes, a REAL one.....I've had 5 empty birth shifts in a babies, no labors and no postpartums, but today...I got to assist in the birth of Mira's baby boy. The clinic had to cut back on patients for the month of September because of so many new students and being short-staffed, but the dry season has come to an end and mommas are coming in ready to deliver!

This was our birthing front is Serena, who was our gopher and observer...she was awesome! That's me...I got to assist...cut the cord, bulb suction, give Apgar scores, take heart tones, give oxytocin, take blood pressure....the works...and in the back is Medea who delivered this precious boy. Mira now has TWO boys (called lalakes here....sounds like 'la-la-key'). She labored well and even came into the clinic already at 10 centimeters dilation! Baby came at 10:28 am and by 1 pm, Mira felt like she was ready to go home! What a blessing to be a part of her momentous occasion. God is so good.

As for Tim, he met with a contact who owns a rubber plantation to discuss the possibility of doing business with Impact Nations to provide for and bless the poor in the area. He said the meeting was intense, long, and tiring and starting a rubber plantation would cost 5 million pesos (about $100,000 CDN)! Be praying.....God can do anything.

He also said he got a tour of the city of Ipal and that tonight, his new friend, Joshua, is taking him to the hills to see the city at night!

Then tomorrow, he will start preaching again and then begin his trek home.....oh, the looooonnnnnnggg bus ride. Thankfully, he will have a companion from Dipolog who will accompany him. That blesses me.

Please continue to pray for Tim as he finishes up his last full day there in Dipolog...and please pray that the Lord protects him as he travels home....

Thank you for praying for me, too....I am feeling SOOOOO much better....not quite 100%, but definitely on the way!

Tonight, I think I am going to make a pumpkin pie in honor of Canadian Thanksgiving just for Tim. I even have REAL Ocean Spray (tee hee) in the can cranberry sauce! However, a stuffed chicken will have to do...turkeys are not really around here. :) However, we could have ostrich!

Thank you all again for the comments, encouragements and blessings....keep 'em coming...thanks mum and mom for keeping us in your prayers and letting us know that you are reading.....Be blessed.


Laura said...

Bethany - I have been reading your blog faithfully, just haven't had the chance to leave a comment. Tim has been in our prayers here at home as well as prayers for your health. It is always so exciting and fun to read your blog.
Seeing this post just made my heart soar. I am so glad that you were able to do Aida's postpartum visit. She couldn't be in better hands!!! Dinah looks so healthy!!! Praise God.
Miss you much. Can't wait to read more updates.

Robert said...

Glad you're rapidly getting better! Thank you, Lord;you are the best doctor of all!
Great photo - You look well and happy.
Do you think Tim is discovering his calling?
Love you,
Sylvia and Bob