Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Update on Tim Part Quatro!

Greetings! I have some good news! No it's not about Tim, but I will get to that....but....

Today in prenatals, I got to pray with a lovely lady (pictured above) who is expecting her very first baby and at the end of the prayer, I got to tell her that I could be her midwife! She is now my third continuity! Her name is Remy and she is 28 years old.....her baby is due December 4th and she is so incredibly nervous.....nervous about labor, pain, C-section....the works. So sitting on my prenatal bed (pictured above), I got to pray for the Lord to give her and her husband peace....that He would calm her fears and give her joy in her pregnancy....that He would keep her strong and healthy....

It was such a blessing to have an instant connection with her....28 years old is considered 'OLD' to have a baby in the Philippines, so I shared a bit about me being 26, married for 5 years without any was of some encouragement to her.

One of the amazing things about prenatals today was that I heard her baby's heart beat with the FETASCOPE! Let me explain why this is sooooo awesome....I have been using my doppler to hear the fetal heart tones because I couldn't hear with the fetascope as a result of my deaf ear, but I decided that I needed to try to hear them again.....I prayed for listening ears and VOILA! I heard the heart beats! PRAISE THE LORD! God is so pictured above is all the tools I need for my prenatal exam....the fetascope, the doppler, the tape measure, the buntis' medical chart, a black pen, a cotton cover sheet and (not pictured), tissue and doppler gel. It was a good day.

It was also a good day for Tim, too! He shared today that the loneliness he had been feeling has completely gone as he has felt the presence of the Lord so strong.....he says that He feels like he isn't lonely because he is resting in the house of the His Father's house....that blessed me to hear.

Tonight he spoke to the pastors in Dipolog about resting in the Father's house and the joy and privilege we have of coming before the throne with such an incredible relationship with God....we are His children.....He loves it when we spend time with Him in His house. He also had an opportunity to do what he does best and loves most.....worship.

He texted me in a frantic wanting to know the lyrics to the verses of "Be the Center" and "Hungry"....after texting, I didn't here anything I assume he was leading right then! :)
He says that he might be home Saturday night which is poopy for me as I work Saturday night and don't arrive home until Sunday morning! BUT...I will get to see him soon. That makes me happy.

He said his health has been good and that he is only experiencing occasional LBM. So that's good. As for my health....still plugging along....feeling stronger everyday and have come to the resolve that God knows what's going on and I don't have to figure it out....I can only do what I can.

Tomorrow's another birth room shift and then review class for my exam on Friday....please be praying and continue to comment! Be blessed!


Rosemary said...

Glad you are feeling better. I had the cell group pray for you last night and will get the ladies this morning doing the same.
also Glad Tim is doing well. You will be happy to see him.
Love you both

Anonymous said...

Bethany I just missed you after you went to bed! The time difference and our schedules are a challange. I'm so glad I got to spend time with you in the clinic, because I can picture you there, and know the sweet Spirit of Jesus you bring to everyone there. Your patients and coworkers are blessed to have you.
Much love, Mum

Holly Findley said...

Praise the Lord for listening ears! That is so wonderful Bethany. I am so encouraged by you everytime I spend time with you or even just reading your blog. You are a such a blessing.