Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Precious Updates...."

Greetings! Thank you all sooooo much for the encouraging comments on last post. I was overwhelmed with the blessings and "congrats"....although, I must say that the TRUE congrats goes to Bel and her amazing delivery! She did all the work!

Here is our dear Precious at her first baby check up....she gets six of them and I have the privilege of getting to do them! She is now two days old.....and growing already!
Bel is doing fantastic, too. She is an expert mom and is all smiles about God's goodness to her through her healthy...HUGE, baby girl. I get to see them again on Saturday for her 3-day check up and I am looking forward to seeing Precious fill out even more and Bel continue to enjoy getting to know her new daughter.

Today I was "up" for handling or catching again in the birth room...we had a few labors, but many of them were sent home as they were only 2 cm. I am sure swing shift will have a few births! My patient, Mary Grace, labored until the end of my shift and I was disappointed that I needed to endorse her to the next shift.....she was REALLY wanting her baby out....I wasn't so keen on catching....I was just feeling bad for her that she had to wait and labor even longer for her baby....stinks when you have to labor through two shifts of midwives! No doubt she will be fine, though.

Tim headed out today with Mordegai on an outreach again and I am sure he will bring back incredible pictures to share. We were disappointed that the outreach we were both scheduled to go on for Friday was canceled, so Tim decided to go today! I will have him write the next post.

I have just started my next assignment and managed to pull out a high A on the last! YEAH! And an A on the exam, too! Praise the Lord! My next exam is November PLEASE be praying for me. This assignment is a BIG one!

The Lord bless you all and send us an e-mail if you have time....we love to hear what is happening at home!


Anonymous said...

You are glowing!!! Indeed you are right in the center of what God's best. I love it!! I praise God I get to live vicariously through you.:) I am sure you will do great on your next exam.
Love ya,

Sylvia said...

I'm so proud of your achievement - Wow, all "A's"! I know you as one of the most capable and conscientious people I've ever met - God-given qualities, but you exercise them so well.
See you in a few weks!
Aunt Sylv

Heather said...

This work does look good on you, friend! I just got done catching up on your last 10-or-so posts. This blog continues to be a blessing and encouragement to me (not to mention entertainment! :).

Love you muchly!