Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Greetings! Sorry this post is disheveled and short....Tim will write the next one! I gotta do more homework! AHHHH.
So, this afternoon, the clinic was given a makeover. It was too costly to hire a business to paint the prenatal and waiting room, so we all pitched in to give it a bit of a needed it! So there's Tim doing his part while below is Jenn, Holly, and Laura hard at work. :)
We are going to be painting for a few days, so please pray that I get my homework done! It's been a doozy of an assignment, but I might just pull through.

We also have some very special visitors this month! My friend and former classmate, Elisabeth, from Switzerland, sent her two friends, Noemi and Cornelia here to see the clinic, hang out and stay with Tim and me! Then Lois' parents will come, too! Fun! And then.....wait for it.....wait for it....Our dear Uncle Bob and Aunt Syl! YEAH! So it will be a busy, but exciting month!
And then, here is dear 8-day-old Precious. This was at my third baby check-up with her and her momma, Bel. They are doing so well and as you can tell from the last picture on this post, she has grown so much in a week! Last visit I gave her that pink blanket and her momma put her in it for the check-up this week! I was blessed.
Below is Precious at 3 days old.....
In other news, Tim and I are heading tomorrow to find out more about Mordegai and his work....we would like to do what he's doing and his vehicle (Tim wrote about it last post and it's the red jeep-like thingy pictured) is up for sale! Since he and his wife are moving, they are having to sell the jeep. We are praying that Tim and I will be able to purchase it for Tim's water filtration journeys and to continue providing aid in the places that Mordegai developed such amazing relationships. Please pray with us that if it is God's desire, He will provide the finances to purchase and maintain a vehicle here for those purposes.

Thank you for all your prayers and comments.....and for sharing in our journey! We love getting e-mail and comments from home, so keep 'em coming! Be blessed.

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Aunt Sylv said...

Hi again! I am getting so excited at the prospect of visiting you in a few weeks. I'll pray for your schoolwork to come easy and for time to have fun and rest, too.
I have a question: How is it that such tiny women have such big babies?