Monday, October 1, 2007

Update on Tim Part Deux!

Greetings! Because I have been sick and not taking many pictures as of late, I thought I would post something I conquered this week! I climbed this VERY high vertical obstacle course and rang the bell at the very top...with a bit of help from my dear buddy, Jenn, I managed to strain every muscle in my body wiggling and striving my way up every moving tire and wooden piling. Not only that, but ya see that ladder on the left side? That goes about forty feet into the air to a hanging wooden wire suspended bridge that wiggles with the slightest movement.....and I climbed that ladder and walked across it! And I wanted my mommy and then I jumped down with the help of my suspension rope. It was nuts and I don't think I will do that again. :) But I conquered my fear of heights and that is a blessing.....anyways....

It is now Monday at 5 pm and Tim just made it to Dipolog in northern Mindanao. He said that it wasn't actually a bus he was taking 12 hours, but a car with a crazy driver who went 140 km an hour through outback neighborhoods slamming on the brakes only to avoid hitting pedestrians. Let's just say that I have been praying more than usual! :)

Last night, as he was on the road, I couldn't sleep and laid in bed wide awake until after 5 am. Tim and I texted back and forth since he couldn't sleep in the car either. He shared that along the sides of the road at 4 am were Muslim women standing like ghosts in the dawning light....they seem to have been waiting for jeepneys to head into the fields to work. He shared that the countryside was amazingly beautiful and he ached to get out and take pictures, but the ache in his 12-hour-car-ride-on-bumpy-road-bum ached more.

He passed through the second busiest city on the island of Mindanao called, Cagayo de Oro. He said that the traffic there was far crazier than in Davao...that's hard to believe! Then they stopped for Halo Halo (a great dessert that Tim is not a fan of, but I sure am!) at Chow King (the McDonald's of the Philippines)....and Tim enjoyed every last bite of it while listening to what he called, "a jazz band singing an extremely laid back 'Girl from Impanema'-like version of Jethro Tull's 'Aqualung'"....oh well, something somewhat familiar in a foreign land....who knew even Filipinos would like a little Jethro Tull! He said he felt as though he was 'down the rabbit hole'.....

Then he was off to Ozamis City....I found it on the map as I have been trying to trace his steps all the way up the island....he stopped for gas.....drove on....

And then, he arrived in Dipolog.....he said that they came to a HUGE property where they train young people to be pastors, have 17 orphans they care for, and he even got his own little cottage complete with a toilet seat! YEAH! Those little boogers are hard to find here as well as a bit of toilet paper! What a blessing.

Not sure how long he will be in Dipolog, but it is his prayer to be a blessing to them and to encourage them in all their endeavors serving Christ. Please continue to pray for his safety and that the Lord will continue to give him just the right words at the right moment to bless this community as they care for the poor.

Also, please continue to pray for me...I went to the doctor and found out that I actually do not have a urinary tract infection (praise God!) but something far worse down south.....because this is a public blog, I will abstain from sharing further, but please pray that the random infection goes away ASAP as I am in quite a bit of pain and discomfort and while I have been prescribed antibiotics, I am hesitant to take them as I am prone to severe yeast infections.....ARGH! Feeling rather frustrated, but know that God power is stronger than my weakest moment (which would be about now).

Tomorrow, I am off to get a gram stain and some other tests done. It would be great if God could just take it all away right now without any further tests or treatment, eh? So you can pray for that! :)

Keep commenting and please do not hesitate to share with us news from home via e-mail or in the comments....we love hearing news! Many blessings to you all and thank you again for your prayers!


Mom said...

Praying big time for both of you!!

Nicole said...

Dear Bethany, So sorry to hear about your health. The more we step out in faith, the more we come under attack! Satan fears you and the God that resides within you and will try every trick up his sleeve to bring you down. He knows you are a strong woman of the Word and are bringing His hope to a dark world. Stay strong in your faith for healing and we will continnue to pray for devine resoration! Love ya, Nicole