Friday, October 26, 2007

Pictures from the trip.

I tried to upload these yesterday so that they could accompany my story, but Blogger was acting up again. These photos come with a disclaimer. Due to my recent computer troubles, I am currently without my photo editing software. I tried using some free software to do a bit of sharpening. The pics looked pretty good while using the free program, but now that I've uploaded them, they look kinda lame and washed out. So I'm sorry that there is no detail in the shadows and that the colors look strange. I'm embarrassed to show these to you.

Stuck in the river.
Stuck in the mud.
One of our water sources.The view at the beginning of the hike.
Sacks of Clothes.
Mordegai explains the medicine.
The little church in the valley.
Flip-flop mayhem.
Observing the flip-flop mayhem.
Chad chomps on some sugar cane.
Mordegai gives the truck a quick wash in the river on the way home.


sylvia horvath said...

Hey, Tim!
The pictures tell the story - that's all we expect from a blog, after all. Your "Wow" pictures are a bonus.
We'll try to call you tonight - we need some prayer.

Aunt Sylv

Nicole said...

Hey Tim, great pictures a nd great story. You should write a book!