Thursday, August 23, 2007

All things Filipino....

Greetings! This afternoon Jenny, Lois and Charity took me on a Filipino Extravaganza to NCCC Mall. They needed a homework break and I needed some "out and about" time. Our first stop was to "Chow King"...the McDonald's of the Jenny said, "Kids here don't say, 'Mommy..take me to McDonald's'...they say, 'Mommy! Take me to Chow King!'" So there you go...we went to true Filipino fast food and had the most popular desert..."Halo Halo".
Halo Halo is crushed ice mixed with sweetened condensed milk, buko, candied bananas, candied beans, crunchy rice flakes, strange candied unidentifiable fruity jellies, and purple sweet potato ice cream....Mmmmm. It was good...the finished product is pictured below.
Then they took me up to the bowling alley...and check out my score! Yes, I am "Bet" and Lois was "Noif" 'cuz the guy couldn't figure out how to spell her name. :) Jenny and Charity were in the lane beside us and we had a great time cheering each other on and making quite the scene.
Then we took a taxi in search of REAL see, the cheesecake here is made of processed cheese....tastes like salt and well....cheez whiz. But after being tipped off by another midwife, we found "Lachi's"....a dessert place far far away (or seemed like it) and REAL cheesecake appeared!
Tim's favorite dessert is cheesecake and I just needed to find one for him....and with the help of my dear friends, Jenny, Lois, and Charity, we picked out an EXTREMELY expensive (by Filipino standards) chocolate swirl cheesecake for Tim's birthday. Ahhhh. He will LOVE it.

Then we came home, had some grub and met at the clinic for home group...all us students and staff together again. The teaching was fantastic and it led to some deep repentance for things said and some things unsaid....for the way we foreigners have treated the Filipinas to the way we have portrayed the body of Christ. We were reminded that we ALL are the "aroma of Christ" and should treat each other as such. It was a good word. Heavy stuff and I know God is not finished with us.....

Tomorrow morning is another prenatal day and I am looking forward to meeting more ladies! Thank you for all your prayers and encouragements! Be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Bethany, you are so funny! Is that Halo Halo made with millet, blueberries and goat's milk? I sure hope so!
Happy birthday to you, Tim! We had hoped to treat you to a song but too bad you're working. Praying for your foot to heal - no infection. It's important to keep it clean and dry as possible in that environment.
Love and prayers,
Aunt Sylv and unklrbrt

Mom said...

Bethany and Tim,
Happy B-day TIM! Hope you enjoy your cheese cake. We have a package on the way. You may get it sometime in November. Purple potato icecream doesn't sound all that great to me. But "when in Rome" (or the Philippines)...
We love you guys and by all means keep your foot clean and dry like Aunt Syl says!

Heidi said...


Hope you are having a great time enjoying yummy cake and all the greatness that comes with having your birthday in a new place. Bethany, love your post - i think i had that desert with CS once and it was good. The pics look like some i have of us bowling - makes me miss you more :( But on a happier note - not very long till i see you. love you guys

Esul... morning dew said...

Hi... WOW! I've been slowly making my way through your incredible adventures while at work (hey, sometimes a small reading break is in order!) and I read this entry today... your description of "halo halo" sounds a LOT like "pat bingsu" a korean dessert which is SO refreshing and probably one of the funnest things to eat! Instead of the purple potato ice cream they add sweetened red beans... so you get your protein :)
Anyway, that's what I thought of and thought I'd share that tid-bit of info.
As I progress through your new life on this blog I hope to comment more.
I do apologize for not putting out more effort to come and see you before you left :( I know it would have been fantastic... but one day!
Good luck with EVERYTHING... it sounds like you and Tim are adjusting very well to a new culture and that you are persevering through all that is challenging!
Later! - Rach