Thursday, August 9, 2007

Prenatals and Care Group

Greetings! Thank you so much for the comments on last post....even today as I walk home from the clinic, the nasty dog gazed at me with its sick and forlorn eyes. I also found out this evening that the dog's name is "Chi Chi". Right. Retarded dog. Looks like a "Chi Chi"! Whatever that is.

Anyways, today is the short post.... today was another day of prenatals. And here's a pic of the "buntas" waiting for their check-up. They actually liked me taking their picture! :) I got to shadow Sue today. She's an intern from Idaho and a lovely lady. We had a pretty cool visit with one buntas named Rosalie who is ready to have her baby any day now....except today we found two very different fetal heart tones inside her....with two dopplers placed on either side of her belly, we found out that she may be carrying twins! Don't know for sure, yet, but we may find out soon! She is headed to an ultrasound this week! It was a great day at the clinic and I learned so much....again. Everyday is full to the brim with learning.

Then this evening, Tim and I headed to Care Group! All the staff, students, and interns were invited to join together to focus on the Lord in unity. We're planning on doing them bi-weekly and Tim is helping with worship! It's good that the Lord has given him that outlet again....the Lord just speaks through him in worship. I just love it.

We had a great time (the pics below) worshiping and then Matt McNeil (our director) shared from Hebrews on faith....and from his own experiences adopting his two gorgeous Filipina daughters, Josie and Jessica. The fellowship was good and the refocusing of our mission was so valuable. We had a great time of prayer for the clinic, its reputation and for all of us representing Christ in it. God is good.

Tomorrow is another day of prenatals and I may get to shadow my new dear friend, Lois! She has an amazing heart for the Lord that ooozes like green goo from her. It's really an encouragement and a blessing to learn from her.

Thank you again for all your prayers and comments! Be blessed!

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