Monday, August 20, 2007

Swing shift and a bad haircut....

Greetings! Tim is not happy...not happy at all. In fact, Tim is very sad....sad that his chin is naked and his lips are cold. Today Tim went for a haircut....a haircut to cut the hairs on his head...

Last post Tim shared that the kids at House of Jubilee loved his beard and were constantly yanking on it. Alas, the red beard that made Tim look like a teddy bear is no longer with us.

Tim explained to the barber that he wanted his beard cut to 1/4" and the dear man just did not understand and shaved his beard OFF. Tim phoned me from the barber just to warn me of the pending doom and I couldn't help but chuckle..."Welcome to the Philippines!" (Note to self...I will continue to cut my own hair.)

A depressed pirated-movie-carrying Tim came home....the movies are to occupy our time while we wait for Tim's beard to grow back! Just kidding. It's all a part of the experience, right?

In other news, I worked swing shift in the birth room yesterday. While it was a good shift for visiting with other midwives, very little labor occurred. But a lady named Michelle came in and left quite an impression on me.....

She was just barely 33 weeks when she came in and clearly having strong contractions. Given her due date was October 15, we were quite concerned. My supervisor explained to her that she could not deliver at Mercy as we are not allowed to deliver premature babies below 37 weeks. Michelle understood, but began to cry (I don't blame her).

I asked her if I could pray for her and she nodded. I prayed that the Lord would protect her and her baby and that He would give her peace. She looked very weathered for 21 years old and had already given birth to three children. Her bana (husband) looked very concerned and my supervisor opted to transfer them to the hospital.

I was able to ride with them in Mercy's ambulance and walked with them through the mess of the hospital to triage. The hospital was very full and people were yelling and scurrying was so heavy there. Lots of children crying and wounded Filipinos walking aimlessly about. Julia (the intern midwife I was with) handed in Michelle's papers and we were told to sit them down on a crowded bench and then leave.

I felt like I was abandoning them and felt a little sick. I asked her one last time if I could pray for her and her bana and after praying, she smiled and said "salamat" thank you. Then we left. I felt awful. But I am hoping that though she was in a crowded and heavy place with beds only a couple inches apart, that they were able to stop her contractions so that she is able to deliver at Mercy....and if not, that she will have a safe and healthy labor and baby. Please pray for Michelle, too! Sending laboring women to the hospital is no fun....for anyone.

Thanks and please keep the comments coming! I get to work the night shift tonight! I will try and take pictures......Be blessed!


Anonymous said...

My what a beautiful face you have Timmybomb - I think you were in your early teens the last time I saw it (I may be mistaken about this, but I have an excuse). Don't be sad, you look very handsome. So what if the kids won't play with you anymore. I guess this experience might be an encouragement to speed up the language lessons! It's a good thing you hadn't gone in for a V.

Miss you two very much!


Rosemary said...

I am sorry Tim, but I had such a laugh about your beard. You look so nice with a clean face. Anyway, it will grow back.
What fun

Mom said...

I like it. I liked it the other way too. Never had the priveledge of "yanking" it......But it will grow back and you look younger!!!
That's nice since you are going to be OLDER this week. :)
Happy Birthday week!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tim & Bethany,
Tim, your beard certainly had its attractions, especially for kids, but we like your clean face, too.
Bethany, I prayed for Michelle, and I also prayed for you - that you would be careful to release the people in not-so-happy situations back to the Lord once you have done all you know to do. He carries the burden and graciously includes us in His ministry, right? Miss you lots!
All our love,
Aunt Sylv

Anonymous said...

Oh Tim! You poor thing! Well you know what they say...chin up.


Joshua said...

it's a good look for ya