Thursday, August 30, 2007

Driving and stuff

Sorry we haven't been updating our blog too much this week. We have been too busy having a great time with Mom and Dad. Today we went to the House of Jubilee to help feed the kids. I'm not sure if we're much help, but the kids love to see us and play with us, so I guess that counts for something.

This afternoon Matt was kind enough to lone us his car so we took Mom and Dad on a bit of a tour of the city. I suspect my driving startled them at times, but I'm just trying my best to drive like the locals. We went up to Jack's Ridge for a great view of the city, a couple of the islands, and the bay. It was a lovely day, so the view was fantastic. We then drove north out of the city to see what we could see. We drove for well over an hour but never actually left the city of Davao. They boast that they are three times the size of Manila which of course is a farce. They cheat by putting the city limits very far away from what we would consider the city proper.

We drove to the edge of the mountains. It was beautiful. I didn't really take many pictures because I was driving and didn't want to stop very regularly. I do plan to go back to that area though because I think I could get some really nice pics there. I don't have any pics of Mom and Dad either because when I tried to take one, Mother complained that she was grubby.

Anyway, we're having a super visit with my parents. Please be praying for Dad. His sleeping patterns have been askew. Below are a couple of photos taken with Bethany's camera at Jubilee today. One of them is of her being swarmed by the children. The other is some of the kitchen staff that prepared the lunch for the kids.

Tomorrow is our 5 year anniversary. I love my wife.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You guys are so good for each other!

We celebrated your anniversary (unawares) by going for an afternoon sail yesterday and not stopping until we got to Soucia Island, where we stayed overnight, coming back today - practising to be barbarians.
We're off to join Kate and friends to celebrate her birthday now, or we'd Skype and sing you a "Happy Anniversary to You". I hope you're not too disappointed.
Glad you're having such a great visit with Mum and Dad. Please give them our love, and take a whole bunch for yourselves, too!
Antsylv & unklrbrt