Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Slow Day

I'm going to keep this fairly short because I don't have much to say on the matter. What matter? Nothing matters. Check out what Ecclesiastes 1:2 has to say on that matter...

Hey folks, I spent another day on the boat yesterday. Please be praying for Glen. The engine installation is going slower than anticipated. Yesterday he arrived at the boat to weld the new engine into place, but by the time I had left at 2:30 they were still struggling to maneuver the motor into the right position. As it turns out, it is rather tricky to move a few tons of raw diesel power a fraction of an inch. Glen was feeling frustrated because he had hired a man who specializes in engine installations, but the guy didn't show up because he had to go to a funeral or something.

On the bright side, I did get to go with Glen to the warehouse where he buys all the metal that he needs. This is where we will be getting some of the materials for the water filters. On the really bright side, I got myself a wicked sunburn (see Ecclesiastes 1:3). I spent some time hammering a few pieces of steel on the back of the boat (that sounds more romantic than it really is). When I started the job I was in the shade, but I have discovered that the earth has this annoying habit of rotating (see Ecclesiastes 1:5). Anyway, at some point the shade went away and so did my pasty white complexion. (Is that really how you spell "complexion"? It seems kind of Old English. The language, not the floor polish.) ("polish", not "Polish". I can't believe the people group is spelled the same way as the verb.) (Have you ever seen so many brackets back to back?)

Bethany and I had a few friends over for pizza last night. Then Jenn and Joe brought their dinner guests over and we played a few games. Good times were had by all. Below is a picture of what happens when you play spoons (a card game) with people who have ADD.

Please be praying for Bethany. She is having tummy trouble. It kept her up much of last night and it looks like she won't be going to work today. And please pray for me...three Ecclesiastes references in one bit of prose is clearly an indication that I have too much time on my hands.

Be blessed!



Bethany said...

pleasant post, Tim...that's why I let you write it! But be careful or I may have to write about how great your Shirley Temple impression is! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so you've done the spoons thing. Next time make it forks and let us know how it goes.(Maybe skip the eye scrunch demo). Or at least play it on the floor with all the spoons in a heap. This gives those with fingernails a distinct advantage.
Timmy this is your mother talking "Don't forget your sunscreen. Repeat regularly!" If you're not sure, read Ecclesiatstes 2:13.
Much love,Mum

Nicole said...

Oh, that's attractive!

Dick0369 said...