Thursday, August 2, 2007

Beauty and the beast....

Greetings! Thank you all for your prayers this week. We have discovered that I do not have the measles (PRAISE GOD!) and my computer is finally recovering from the ant nest infestation in its bowels. Thyme oil works to keep away ants! The little beasts! But please pray as scarlet fever is going around! So far, I am okay! God is good.

Anyway, I am feeling a little better today although I am unable to be in the clinic as a result of a fever. Maybe tomorrow. I am to work the day shift (6 am - 2 pm) tomorrow and I really want to be well enough to absorb everything I need to learn. Another day relying on the grace of God. For now, I am having to stay in bed, make occasional visits to the CR (that's comfort room here in Davao) to pass some more diarrhea, hang up the laundry, and make some grub for hungry Tim. Can't wait to get back outdoors to get to know more people and learn more things.

The picture above was taken as we were driving home from Nasuli. Just a few minutes from where we live in the crazy, crowded city is a peaceful drive like an oasis in the desert. It seems similar to Vancouver....big city, crowds, noise, traffic and just a few minutes and you find peace, rest, natural beauty....I think Tim and I will need to take a few of these journeys to keep a balance.
And even on the most remote roads, you see these crazy guys (above). The driver of this motorcycle really thought he was pulling over to let us by! Pretty impressive. Everyday we are amazed and surprised at something in this city.

Tim is getting a bit more time to focus on photography, which he has been missing. The picture below is one he took as we were passing through the city a few days ago. Calla lilies grow so much bigger here! Pretty neat, eh? I am so proud of Tim. He has been doing so well here. He is really learning to enjoy the culture and look for every opportunity to be a blessing. Even to me. I am blessed. Not much to post today, but please continue to pray for favor in our quest for our missionary visas. There are so many steps and hula hoops to go through before we can even submit the application. We have been told that it can take up to a year to process!

Please also pray for our health. We know that satan is trying to cut us off at the knees as he is just plain ticked we're here, but God is SOOOO powerful, faithful, and gracious. We are in His hands and nothing can hit us unless it has first been filtered through His loving hands. So we are full of hope.

Have a wonderful weekend....more to come! Be blessed.

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Lorence Irvine said...

I love your blog. I am glad that you enjoy the Philippines. I live in Manila. Stan and Rosemary Dobbs gave me your blog address. Maybe we will have the chance to visit in the near future. God Bless.
Lorence Irvine