Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ugly dogs...loud dogs....smelly dogs...

No, this isn't a Dr. Seuss book......but it COULD be!

Greetings! This post is about our resident dog! The dog who lives downstairs and pees and poos on our steps and on our fortress gate. Yes, this dog is SAD....not SAD, PATHETIC. Like most dogs here, this dog needs hair replacement therapy, a breast reduction, rat poison and a face lift. This dog's poo is always white and crunchy. This dog brings an aroma of the place of eternal punishment wherever it goes....Sorry for the details, but you really must understand....this dog is really, REALLY nasty.

But the workers in the shop downstairs share their lunch with it (hence its size), they pet it and let it doodie where it pleases. They love this hideous animal. The scary part is that we know that this dog has had puppies (check out its underbelly) and it is frightening to know that this dog's offspring is roaming around our neighborhood somewhere!

Now, you may ask, "Why, Bethany, are you telling us this!? This is GROSS!"

Well, friends, if you intend on visiting us and staying in our wonderful home (yes, it truly is wonderful, I love it!), then you must understand that when you leave our fortress, you will be greeted by the stench of this pictured dog....and it's smell is far worse than its looks. Just be warned.

The BIG blessing is that you cannot smell it at the top of our 31 stairs or in our home.
The other plus is that it is a great conversation piece. Tim and I, just about every night, giggle and cleverly devise plans of ridding ourselves of this foul beast. And then we chuckle at its ironically spoiled life.

I know, I know, I may have offended you animal rights activists...but YOU AREN'T HERE to take in its glory and enjoy its offerings, so get over it. :)

On a happier and lighter note...I went to the market today with my dear friends, Jenn and NeNe. What fun! I love the market....it's really the only place where you feel COMPLETELY submersed in Filipino life. I am sure Tim will take pictures there soon and post them. When you're getting your fruits and veggies, it's really hard to take pictures, too. But I decided to post some of the more exotic favorite items found in the market....like mangosteen (the healthy purple fruit), Buko (young peeled coconut that I crack open at home and drink the fantastic juice out of!) and here, you get eggs like the picture shown and you DON'T refrigerate them. They are o'natural...unbleached and not at all washed, so they can sit on the counter top for almost a month! Sweet! I love this country.

Hope you are all well and please continue to comment...the encouragement is such a blessing and it certainly makes Tim and I feel more connected. Many blessings!


Anonymous said...

I love your Blogs Bethany. I love how honest and up front you are.
You are such a blessing. I reminds me so much of all the time we spent together. Keep up the good work. You make the place come alive for us. You are welcome to the heat, different food and smelly dog though.

heather said...

I can not believe that that is a real dog. At first I thought it was an illustration. CRAZY! And also - HOLY CRAP! :) Maybe your should combat the icky dog with a pretty, nice-smelling dog of your own. I'm loving the pics of the weird fruits! How cool!

love ya.

Mom said...

Interesting pictures. Dog needs a toupee. Eat the fruit, it's good for you. But please!!! Refrigerate the eggs anyway!!
Love ya,

midwife_dreamer said...

Bethany, That dog is absolutely hideous! Hmm have you tried getting moth balls and surrounding your gate with them? I know here in Maine if you put them around your camp it keeps away little critters...maybe (if the have them in the Phil.) you could get some as dog repelent lol! Oh and about the egg thing I just last month realized that organic unwashed eggs do not need to be in the fride and I think that's pretty cool :) I can't wait to try that coconut juice!


Sharon Frisby said...

That dog definitely has the worst case of mange I have ever seen! It needs a vet poor thing, I bet it is miserable (the vet could spay her while they're at it. lol) I feel sorry for it. haha, although I am very sorry it likes to crap on your doorstep. Thats gross! I love reading your posts, Jay and I are still planning on coming over there, but it may not be for a couple years or so! We will see what God has! :) I am so glad you get to document it all for us ahead of time so we can get used to the idea! LOL In the mean time, I am starting an appreniceship at the midwifery clinic here where I had my daughter. That way I have a lot of experience under my belt before I get thrown in! haha. You are in my prayers, and I look forward to checking your page daily! Have a great day. :)