Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby Girl, quiet shift

"Maayong Buntag!" Good morning! Today I worked with midwives Susan, Rose, Ate Ana, Ate Estef and pictured below is also Ate Susan. Rose, pictured above, who is so silly and sings non-stop (no joke) was scheduled to pick up the next labor that walked through the doors.
And 45 minutes later, patient Christina gave birth to beautiful Christine Kim. Rose and Susan were her midwives and I got to chart a bit, get supplies and pray with the family. Her "bana" (husband) was all smiles as he gazed at his new baby girl. A fast labor and a fast delivery. And praises to Jesus. She is a beautiful baby....and very quiet. Very appropriate considering they were the only ones here. I felt far more confident in all the things I am learning today.... Thanks for your prayers! Please continue to pray for remembrance of all the crazy things I have to memorize and learn! What a joy and what a task!
Despite the quiet morning, as I left this afternoon, two more "buntas" arrived in labor. Busy swing shift's really HOT today, too, so I imagine there will be many more coming in!
It was a good day. Tim will be posting next with some great pics of our neighbors! Stay tuned and be blessed!

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