Monday, August 27, 2007

Just Catching Up...

A brief catch up on the events of the last few days:

My parents arrived in Davao this morning. We're very excited to have them with us all week. We took them to Boodles (a nearby restaurant) for lunch and Dad ordered BBQ chicken. They served him a chicken leg that still had the foot attached! We'll tell you more about their visit as the week goes on.

Bethany took me out for a lovely birthday dinner this weekend. We went to a place called Jack's Ridge and ate dinner as we looked over the city. It was great. And the chocolate cheesecake was fabulous, which is surprising because most Filipino food that involves cheese is usually a big disappointment.

I spent some time at the ropes course, Outland Adventures, last week. They were doing one of their three days camps for high school students and they had asked me to take some photos for a multi-media presentation they're working on. I had a great time taking pictures and hanging from great heights, but I also got to observe the camp and got a better understanding of what they do out there.

The kids spend time doing various group activities. They then debrief with the counselors about how the activity made them feel and what life lesson they could learn from the experience. With each activity the counselors introduce a piece of the gospel. In the evenings they all gather together to sing worship songs and hear more about the gospel. By the end of the weekend many of the students have made a decision for Christ.

The whole thing seems like an excellent way to minister to these kids. I'm hoping to spend a lot more time at Outland in the future. Right now I'm looking for as many ways to minister the gospel to people as I can.



Mom said...

These are great pictures, Tim! Wish we were able to see the video presentation. Trusting your foot is doing better as well as the "LBM". I bet you are enjoying having your folks this week too. I'm excited about all the possibilities for you to share the gospel! We pray you will also experience a great harvest. God bless are loved.
Connie and Jim

BEN said...

Hey Timmy,

Thanks for the email the other day. I have sent you a few since you left, including one on Sunday and wasn't sure if you were receiving them. Send me a quick hello and let me know if you got me email.