Sunday, August 5, 2007


Greetings! It's Monday here and this evening (10pm- 6am) I get to be in the birth room again and this time I am not going to forget my camera! :)

This weekend, our dear friends, Jenn and Joe (who live down the street and have 7 kids!) received a temporary new addition to their family. Jaycee is a nine-month-old baby boy who is cute as a barrel of buttons and is from a remote village in the Bukid. While his face is clearly the face of a baby of his age, his body is that of a three-month-old.

His mother has TB of the stomach and can no longer care for him while his father is busy caring for her. Please pray for her speedy recovery as she wants to care for her boy again. As for now, this little munchkin is staying with Jenn and Joe and another family, but we're babysitting him right now. In fact, he is in my arms right now! Jenn and Joe are doing an incredible job caring for him and loving on is such a blessing to see.

This little guy is a sweetheart and giggles tons. He has a number of issues such as pneumonia and a series of rashes. But he was surviving on sweet potato broth and now he is thriving on formula and cereal. We are praying that the Lord continues to heal his body and gives grace to his caregivers. His parents need a touch from the Lord, too.

After hanging with Jaycee today, I was really humbled and began to recognize that there is so much to do many opportunities to serve in unexpected caring for infants from far off villages! God only knows, but we are up for anything! We determined to stay flexible and open to whatever the Lord says to do TODAY! Be blessed!